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Moral erosion, making business intelligence potemkin’s villages

Moral erosion

Ethic is important factor in company. Without it why should anybody take care for overall best function of company. It is much easier to take care only about local goals, about own CV, self promotion, being active in social networking and finally taking care of only what is in own yard. Taking care of only own enterprise is similar to having many maestros in orchestra. Individually all maestros  are playing excellent but as orchestra they sound not harmonized and then symphony does not sound good. Same is in company where local goals need to be orchestrated together. Lack of goal integration leads to bad symphony.  As long term strategy local and partial players are same as taking care of solutions or modules but not as system in total. Such behavior leads to unnecessary costs in development, implementation and specially in production.

moral erosion

Examples of moral erosion in business intelligence industry

First example, if project leaders think of self promotion and not of overall long term company benefit they will try to start mega business intelligence projects. Since BI projects are very long to implement they will try to move before and jump to other position with good CV since they’ve lead something big.

Second example, managers are good in project lead but not in strategic and conceptual lead which is crucial. To be concrete this means chosen and implemented solutions will show many disadvantages after certain time in production. Wrong solution disadvantages are usually obvious after 3 to 5 years and project manager is far away on other companies doing great promotion with something what was conceptually wrongly structured.

Another example, solution is being chosen and cut for quick win results. Project concept was structured to be finished quickly and to show how project was successful. Solution might bring inconsistent data in production from the start. After year or two everybody will agree project was unsuccessful due to wrong concept. Better solution is always harder to implement and does not show so fast quick win results which is essential for such manager.

Fourth example, is starting many projects at same time or declaring others solutions wrong and let’s start with our own. This means to declare all previous benefits unnecessary and to start all from the beginning. Usually behind is greed for success.

Thinking of only personal success is dangerous for company in long-term and business intelligence is excellent field for this undercover job. Moral erosion can be dangerous on high levels because it is very well hidden and showing results later when company finds itself in crisis.
As stated at beginning ethic capital is important and should be taken into account same as intellectual capital into company value.

Please don’t make potemkin’s villages in business intelligence.

potemkin village within business intelligence projects

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